Notes: Project done at JMS.

Own Beauty

Status: Launched.

Assignment: Own Skin Health needed and integrated campaign and
a new brand voice, appealing to sophisticated, self-directed women who value natural products (as long as they work). Our key insight was inspired by the main active ingredient, which restores cellular processes that help the user's skin renew itself. Active ingredient: you.

Role: design.

Notes: Project done while at GRAND San Francisco.


We worked with the talented team at OWN products to concept and design and app that allows women analyze and treat their skin. She uploads a photo, which is analyze at lab (via software) and then, within the hour, returned with a full diagnosis of her signs of aging – as well as a personalized skin health regimen. Women can track progress, get tips, and learn more through their personalized portal on

The Real Real

Status: Launched.

Assignment: The luxury fashion industry cashes in over $300 billion
 year, and The RealReal is a major player in the sector. But with competitors rising quickly to popularity, The RealReal needed to make an impression on both buyers and consumers. As a brand that offers luxury for less, we created a campaign message that focused on the elation of finally getting a much longed-for luxury purse. We crafted this message, among others, on a project-by-project basis within
The RealReal’s existing branding. We launched an outdoor blitz at New York Fashion Week 2014 and followed up with geo-targeted digital ads. The entire initiative, from conception, studio production to digital delivery, was completed in studio.

Role: Art direction and design.

Notes: Project done  while at John McNeil Studio.

Barr Hill
The Spirit of Caledonia


Status: work in progress (confidential). Choosing direction.

Assignment: Redesign the current label, while keeping the core of the brand: honey is the main ingredient, honesty, artisanal, from Vermont. Build a system for the 3 products: Gin, Tom Cat, and Vodka.  Set up
a hierarchy among Caledonia Spirits (distillery), Barr Hill (brand)  and Gin/Tom Cat/ Vodka (product).

Role: Art direction and design.

Notes: design silkscreened on glass.  Their current label here.


Kendall Jackson


Status: Approved. In production to be launched soon.

Assignment: Redesign the former label using their original logo.
Worked  with and illustrator to represent the most characteristic elements of the land from Santa Maria Valley, where Cambria wine is produced. I've worked on both Benchbreak and their higher type: Barbara's, Julia's and Chaterine's Vineyard. Showing consistency between the two types was a requirement, but also building a personality for each one.  Part of the work I do for Cambria is to apply the new look and feel into other executions as with retail: shelf-talkers, neckers and shippers.

Role: Art direction and design.

Notes: The illustrations by the artist were separate elements, I was able to layered them differently, for each execution. Their old look and  feel/labels here.
Currently working on the redesign of their website.

Benchbreak, Pinot Noir and Chadonnay. Already produced, soon to be launched.

Greens & Co.
Cold pressed juices


Status: Work in progress. Confidential

Assignment: Redesign their identity, label and packaging. Here you can see an exploration of two possible directions. Typographic logo/lock up, color system
and how these coexist on a bottle.

Role: Art direction and design.

Notes: These are all mock ups and not final images/photographies.
See current label here.